Welcome to AgilityLeaderShift.com.  Agility LeaderShift is a card game that help leaders learn more about servant leadership, lean thinking, and agile practices.

Leadership is important to most people in business, sports, non-profits, and other areas of life.  I want to introduce an educational and competitive game that help improve our leadership skills.  In my life I aspire to add value, continually learn, be transparent, show respect, commit, have courage to stay the course, inspect, and adapt.  We have seen leaders become different after experiencing challenges and opportunities while leading people. Challenges and opportunities require agility and sustainability to help leaders navigate the fast-paced market landscape and diverse nature of people’s personalities.

This is a board game with cards, dice, and/or prize wheel.  The game can be played by an individual or with a group.  It is much more fun as a group because of the feedback and interaction.  This is a game that can be used in high school, college, in business, and other areas.

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After experiencing the Agility LeaderShift game first-hand at an Open Space event, I decided to try the game with some of my Coaching workshops. The game is a great way for experienced Coaches, Practitioners and Managers to test the depth and breadth of their Agility thinking.  It’s a fun way of exploring how to think about and articulate a variety of ideas and concepts. Each time I introduce the game in a workshop it brings a high level of energy, engagement and dialogue for the group.

Richard Dolman Agile Coach and Trainer, -- Agile 42, The Agile Coaching Company

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